Christmas Past Hallmark Ornaments

2021 and retired Hallmark ornaments, Carlton Ornaments, and Enesco ornaments for sale!

We carry thousands of Hallmark ornaments. From the 2021 Keepsake Ornament Collection back to the 1970s, we got the new and old ornaments to fill the gaps in your collection. We also carry many retired ornaments from the Carlton Heirloom line and thousands of retired Enesco ornaments. We'll be adding some Coca-Cola ornaments as soon as we get time to photograph them. The links on this page will take you to our new website at

How we started

We began collecting Hallmark ornaments in 1975. It all started out by just adding one or two new ornaments to the Christmas tree each year. We usually picked a dated ornament and a cutesy ornament.

In the early 1980s we discovered ornament collector's clubs, secondary market shows, Enesco and Carlton ornaments. We started buying extra ornaments for trade bait or sales to support our collecting habit. We traveled around to the secondary market shows, buying and selling. We subscribed to AOL and Prodigy (don't those date me?) and began swapping on the collectors' forums there. When we discovered Ebay, we sold there for a few years too. Finally we developed our own website and started selling our ornaments on the world wide web.

How we market our ornaments

We now sell exclusively from our own website. There aren't many secondary market shows any more and our inventory is just too large to decide which ornaments to take to shows anyway.

This is how we make our living and we take it seriously. We appreciate your business and ship your orders quickly. We don't sell used ornaments. All our stock is purchased from authorized Hallmark retailers and is purchased specifically for resale. We do not buy from individual collectors.

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